ESIM-FCT1L Full Size Coiled Tubing Simulator

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Coiled tubing simulation training system is designed according to the international general equipment, equipped with a set of operation consoles, and displaying operation scene through 3D animation.

This system provides trainings on well logging, stimulation, workover, drilling and accident handling. It consists of operation console, 3D animation display system, parameter auxiliary console and instructor station. The optional devices include choke manifold, choke console, auxiliary truck and production tree.


System Features

Human-computer interactive, operable hardware, vivid graph, and lifelike sound effect

Highly simulating the operation that cannot be carried out by real equipment training

Intelligent scoring, fair assessment

Powerful software functions, friendly interface, easy to learn and use

Strict mathematical model, satisfy actual technology requirement



Power supply:

110~220V/ 50~60 Hz AC

Power consumption:

< 6000 Watt

Working temperature:


Average time between malfunction:

≥5000 hours


Training Items

  1. Pulling and running tubing
  2. Engine control operation
  3. Reel control operation
  4. Injector control operation
  5. BOP control operation
  6. Stripper control operation
  7. Drilling bridge plug
  8. Sand washing
  9. Gas lift discharging
  10. Judge and handle of downhole accidents and troubles:
    1. Coiled tubing leaking
    2. Stripper leaking
    3. Coiled tubing fracture
    4. Coiled tubing collapse
    5. Coiled tubing stuck
    6. Coiled tubing blocked
    7. Dynamic unit failure
    8. Coiled tubing speed loss


System Components