ESIM-FCC11 Drilling Simulation Training System

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Drilling simulation training system simulates the real equipment on real production site, including all the hardware system, panel layout, operation methods and parameter displaying.

Through a display screen, the 3D animation is presented in accordance with the working condition, and the sound effect that simulates the real rig floor, makes up an immersive training environment. Based on technologies such as advanced computer controlling technology, artificial intelligence technology, scientific visualization technology virtual reality technology and advanced network technology, combined with strict simulation of drilling engineer process and reliable physical-mathematical model, this system provides various training projects such as tripping in and out, drilling, well control, equipment fault detecting and treatment of drilling accident and troubles.

The non-sequence drilling operation mode, different from the stereotype training mode enables students to operate arbitrarily on the basis of snapshot. This drilling simulator realizes the highly emulation from well condition to system operation, improves the flexibility of students’ operation and enables students to make great progress on training efficiency and training effect.


System Features

Non sequence drilling operation mode

Advanced and precise physical-mathematical mode

Creating training snapshot according to real well condition

Systematic training content and flexible configuration

Full size, real device operational environment

Intelligent scoring, fair and square

3D, interactive animation

Friendly user interface

Real sound effect and alarm system

Industrial PLC controlling, high stability and reliability

Real time voice prompt


System Parameters

Operation voltage:

220V 50Hz AC

Power consumption:

< 15000 Watt

Operating temperature:


Display resolution:

1920*1080, 3840*2160

Average working time without failure:

≥5000 hour




Training Items

1. Tripping module

(1) Normal tripping in
(2) Slacking off operation
(3) Normal tripping out
(4) Getting overpull operation

2. Drilling module

(1) Normal drilling and picking up stand (single)
(2) Normal drilling and drilling with bouncing bit
(3) Drilling in low pressure formation

3. Downhole accidents and troubles handling module:

(1) Judging and treatment of wall sticking
(2) Judging and treatment of sand settling
(3) Judging and treatment of balling up
(4) Judging and treatment of hole collapse
(5) Judging and treatment of key seating
(6) Judging and treatment of hole shrinking
(7) Well immersion (gas immersion, brine immersion)
(8) Fishing tap
(9) Junk milling

4. Shut-in

(1) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs while drilling
(2) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs while tripping in and out
(3) Stripping after shutting in when overflow occurs while tripping out
(4) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs while tripping in and out collar
(5) Shutting in operation when overflow occurs in barren hole

5. Cementing

(1) Running casing
(2) Drilling out plug
(3) Cementing


System Components

Driller console


BOP console


Remote console


Choke console


Standpipe manifold


Choke manifold


Kill manifold